About us

The Kórnik-Bnin Fowler Brotherhood is a registered shooting society and – according to our statute – is an apolitical organization. The history of our Brotherhood goes back to 1745.

As described in the statutes of incorporation, we organize six compulsory shooting tournaments every year (see calendar). All of the tournaments are held at the brotherhood’s shooting range. Following centuries-old tradition, the contestants shoot at a studded wooden shield. The person who shoots closest to the shield’s centre wins the title of the Fowler King or the Tournament Winner. All the tournaments also feature additional regular shooting competitions as well as the traditional contest of shooting at a wooden rooster placed on a pole.

Apart from the statutory competitions for the members of the Brotherhood, we also organize tournaments and meetings every Friday, as well as numerous tournaments for the citizens of Kórnik and the nearby towns, the uniformed services, the mayors, village administrators and councillors within the Poznań region. The tournaments are also attended by the members of other fowler brotherhoods. The tournament winners are awarded shields, medals and valuable prices, which are funded by various sponsors.

Every year the winner of the Royal Pentecostal Tournament becomes the Fowler King, who is honoured with a solemn proclamation in front of the Kórnik castle in the presence of the town authorities and citizens, and receives a regal chain. The Fowler King and his knights represent the brotherhood in the following year and are responsible for the organization of the Royal Ball during carnival.

We actively promote the town and the local authority area of Kórnik: we participate in all of Kórnik’s important celebrations, we organize festive processions and we make our buildings available for events organized by the town and the council. We represent the town and the local authority area in Poland and abroad, by actively collaborating with partner town councils, other fowler brotherhoods and shooting associations. We also support the Kórnik Society for Social Welfare.

If you seek more information about the brotherhood, please read our publication Fowler Brotherhood in  Kórnik-Bnin  (published in Polish, English and German)